How to find a hot spring in the dark

Starry night skies in Oregon's Owyhee Canyonlands. Photo: J. Davis
Owyhee Canyonlands Campaign Coordinator Corie Harlan shares a lesson learned from a particularly epic trip into the Owyhee. Read More

Oregon’s Owyhee touches hearts, minds of veterans and urban youth

Veterans and urban youth explore Oregon's Owyhee with Soul River, Inc. Photo: C. Brown
Chad Brown is a decorated US Navy veteran who received multiple honors after serving in Desert Storm Gulf War and Operation Restore Hope, Somalia, and who struggles today with PTSD. Brown’s discovery of nature as medicine inspired him to launch Soul River Inc., a nonprofit that connects veterans and inner-city youth in the great outdoors. By engaging U.S veterans as mentors for inner city youth through fishing and camping, all experience the healing power of nature. And together, they form an enduring love for our public lands, waters and wildlife. Here, participants share what their Owyhee adventure meant to them, in their own words. Read More

Get to know our Owyhee River

Our Wild & Scenic Owyhee River. Photo: J. Davis
Located in southeastern Oregon and reaching across the corner of Idaho to its headwaters in northeastern Nevada, 35 percent of the Owyhee River within Oregon has been classified as “Wild and Scenic” for its recreational, wildlife, geologic and cultural values.  Read More

An Owyhee packrafting adventure

Running Whistling Bird rapid on the wild Owyhee River. Photo: T. McDonald
Nick McEachern is an outdoor educator who splits his time between Central Oregon, Salt Lake City, and the Teton Valley. He is an instructor for the Northwest Outward Bound School where he seeks to educate the next generation of river runners and conservationists. His passion is looking at the edges of the map for out-of-the-way hidden gems and using human power to cross unique landscapes with his close friends. Read More